Closets become unorganized because it’s easy to toss things in there and hide the clutter behind a closed door. If you are ready to start the process of closet decluttering, check out these 4 tips for closet organization.

Closet Organization Will Take Time

You cannot expect to organize all of your closets in one day. This project can take several days to complete. Carve out time to organize your closets and don’t try to do everything all at once. Spending a couple of hours a day will yield significant results over the course of a few days.

Get Rid of Things

When cleaning your closets, if you don’t use an item, get rid of it. Sell rarely worn items or give things away to friends and family members. There is no reason to store items that you don’t want or need.

Storage Solutions are Essential to Closet Organization

Use closet storage solutions to store the items you decide to keep. Install shelves in your closet to add a space for shoes or clothes. Use labeled storage containers for keeping small, similar items together.

Use Matching Hangers to Organize Your Closet

To make your closet look neat and to save space, use the same type of hangers. When hanging your clothing, put like items together. For example, hang all your shirts together and all your pants together. If two people are sharing a closet, keep each person’s clothing separate. This makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

Hire A Professional Organizer

If you don’t know where to start or don’t have a lot of time, consider hiring a professional organizer. Professionals have a lot of experience and offer creative solutions along with a road map for the best way to organize your closet.

Closet organization doesn’t have to be stressful. Use the above tips to create usable storage space in your home. After organizing, you will be able to find your items easily and have plenty of space to store new ones.

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