Reducing water consumption conserves a valuable natural resource and also lowers your utility bill. While these savings may seem minimal, it can add up to a large sum of money over the course of a year. Here are a few easy ways to save water at home.

Identify and Fix Leaks Promptly

If you notice a jump in your water bills and suspect a water leak is to blame, schedule a plumbing inspection as soon as possible. By repairing leaks, you directly eliminate water waste. Pay attention to slow drips from faucets and toilets that run continuously. You can save gallons of water by fixing these plumbing issues promptly.

Turn the Faucets Off

Being mindful of the amount of water that you use while brushing your teeth and doing the dishes is an easy way to save water at home. Save a few gallons of water by turning the faucets off when running water is not necessary. Set a timer while showering and encourage your family members to do the same. Reducing your time spent showering will have significant impacts over the course of a year.

Run Full Loads

Your dishwasher and washing machine will use the same amount of water regardless of how full these appliances are. If you run partial loads, make an effort to wait for a full load to run the machine. Most appliances have settings that allow you to control water usage. The pots and pans cycle on a dishwasher uses more water than a regular washing cycle. Take advantage of appliance settings to avoid unnecessary water usage with each load.

Collecting Rainwater is an Easy Way to Save Water at Home

Collecting and using rainwater to conserve water is actually easy to do. Home improvement stores and gardening centers carry rain collection barrels that can easily be connected to your downspout. When it rains, the runoff water from your gutters fills the collection barrel.

Your barrel will have a spigot to dispense the water. Connect your hose to the spigot and use the hose as you normally would. By using rainwater instead of water from your home, you reduce water consumption related to lawn care, exterior cleaning, and washing the car.

You may be using much more water than you need. These easy ways to save water at home promote conservation without impacting your lifestyle. Begin incorporating these tips into your daily activities to conserve an important natural resource and save money.

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