A four-point home inspection is sometimes required by insurance companies to assess the condition of four main components of your property. The insurance company may ask for an inspection before providing a quote for homeowners insurance. Let’s look at what a four-point inspection is and what you need to know.

What is a Four-Point Home Inspection?

Insurance companies want to minimize the amount of risk they take on when providing a homeowners insurance policy. Older homes tend to have more issues than newer ones and an inspection can reveal these problems. To minimize their risks, insurance companies may request a four-point inspection before they provide coverage for a home.

What’s Covered in This Type of Inspection?

A four-point inspection is not the same as a full home inspection. While a regular home inspection is a complete assessment of all components in a home, a four-point inspection only concentrates on four aspects of the home:

  • Roof: The roof provides protection against the elements. Insurance companies may not cover homes with roofs that are damaged, have leaks, or are over 40 years old.
  • Plumbing: Both lead and polybutylene plumbing pipes can be problematic. While some carriers will cover homes with these types of pipes, they often exclude water damage from the policy.
  • Electrical: An inspector will look at the home’s wiring and electrical panel. Faulty wiring or wiring made out of aluminum represents a higher risk for a house fire.
  • HVAC: The inspector will look at the age and condition of the HVAC system. Some insurers will not cover a home that does not have an HVAC system.

The insurance provider uses the four-point inspection process to determine if those four systems are in good condition or if repairs or replacement are needed. They will offer a quote for insurance coverage or deny it based on the inspection report.

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