You might think that a home inspection on new construction is not needed because new homes shouldn’t have any problems. However, newly built homes may have issues that lead to expensive repair bills. Let’s take a look at a few reasons you should order an inspection on new construction.

Have Repairs Completed Before Move-in

A professional home inspector has the training to uncover defects and safety concerns in a property. In a new build, the workers may have not installed enough insulation. The shingles could be damaged or the crawl space ventilation may be defective.

A new construction inspection lets you request for the builder to repair any problems before you move into the house. If you notice defects after moving in, repair work will affect your daily life. You will have to deal with construction projects in your living spaces.

A Home Inspection on New Construction Helps You Prepare for the Sale

You’re buying a brand new house, so you are probably not thinking about selling the home in the future. However, if you decide to move for whatever reason, you’ll want to be prepared.

The buyer will order a home inspection on the property. The inspection could reveal repair issues that date back to when the home was originally built. The buyer will then likely negotiate for you to fix those problems. Order a home inspection on new construction so you can hold the builder responsible for repairs now.

Find Problems With a Home Inspection on New Construction

New homes can have immediate repair needs because issues have been overlooked. Building a home consists of many different jobs being done at the same time. Your builder will subcontract the work to other companies who have their own employees. It’s difficult to supervise every aspect of the process, so mistakes can happen with newly built homes. Some issues found in new builds include broken siding, damaged roof trusses, missing or inadequate insulation, unattached HVAC ducts, poor framing, ineffective window seals, poorly wired circuits, and improperly installed plumbing pipes.

Municipal Inspections Aren’t Enough

Every home has to pass a local code inspection. These are conducted by the city or county and will verify that the dwelling meets basic standards for occupancy. These inspectors only check that homes are built to minimum code requirements. They don’t have the time to conduct a thorough examination of every component of the property.

Getting a home inspection on new construction is a vital part of the buying process. It will save you time and money in expensive repair bills as you take ownership of your new home.

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