Having a small kitchen is not a reason to limit the functionality of the space. Learn how to manage storage in an innovative manner instead of sacrificing function. Below are some ideas for small kitchens that save space.

Small Without Compromising on Style

You can have small but powerful kitchen appliances. The best brands don’t compromise on quality and design. Install a smaller refrigerator that looks and works the same as a larger model. Some brands go the extra mile and make appliances that are designed for small spaces.

Walls Hooks are Great Ideas for Small Kitchens

If you have an empty wall in your kitchen, mount hooks in a row to hang your pans, cooking spoons, and towels. If you’re planning to use wall storage ideas, paint that wall a dark color to hide scuff marks from pots and pans.

Space Saving Sink

Instead of using a standard double-sided sink, opt for a smaller single-bowl one. This allows for more counter space. Single bowl sinks come in many different styles and colors.

Ideas for Small Kitchens: Island Storage

If you have space for a kitchen island, design it with storage in mind. Small kitchens often have limited cabinet space. Use the island to store kitchen utensils, linens, and cookware. You could run power to the kitchen island and install the dishwasher there.

Get Rid of Doors

Doors can make a room feel small. To make your space feel larger, remove the door between the kitchen and living area. You can also widen the entrance to create a better flow.

Don’t Clutter a Small Kitchen

Practice self-discipline and avoid impulse buying. Kitchen gadgets and utensils take up space in a small kitchen. Only purchase items you need and be quick to discard or donate things you don’t find useful.

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