Curb appeal is how your home appears from the outside. It determines how people perceive your house and can also influence the value of a home. Here are a few easy ways to improve curb appeal.

Address Minor Cosmetic Flaws to Improve Curb Appeal

Take care of any minor cosmetic changes that might be needed, like painting over graffiti or fixing broken windows and doors. Also, clean up things like peeling paint, rotting wood, and overgrown weeds and bushes; things like this suggest that you neglect your home, which harms curb appeal.

Repair Your Driveway or Walkway

Make your driveway or walkway more attractive by fixing cracks and holes and then apply a coat of sealant to protect the surface from the elements. Plant flowers and shrubs on either side of your driveway or walkway to add color and interest leading up to your house.

Update Your House Number

Make your address number visible from the mailbox or entrance. This will make it easier for visitors searching by address to find their way onto your property.

Repaint Exterior Doors to Improve Curb Appeal

Repaint exterior doors a bold color; this will make them look fresh and finished while adding some character to your home.

Fix Wear and Tear on the Home’s Exterior

If you have a brick house, the mortar will become worn out over time. This is easy to repair with mortar sealant. This will give your home a fresh new look. If the siding is a plank material, replace broken or loose planks.

Add Some Lighting to Improve Curb Appeal at Night

Add some simple lighting near entrances and under windows for safety purposes when coming into or leaving your home. Adding some exterior lighting will also give your home a more welcoming feel.

Maintain Your Lawn

When visitors first see a property, their initial impression is mainly based on what they can see from the street. If the landscaping isn’t well-kept, this can affect your curb appeal. Improve curb appeal by taking better care of your lawn. Keep the lawn mowed and plant bushes and flowers. Maintain the vegetation by watering and trimming it.

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