Mold thrives in warm, moist areas within the house or garage. Inside the home, mold causes damage to property, poor indoor air quality, and health-related symptoms. This article goes over causes of mold in the home so that you can learn to prevent it.

Lack of Cleaning Encourages Mold in the Home

Mold spores may be carried indoors on humans and pets and through doors and windows. Spills that are left on the carpet can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Damp clothes or towels left on the floor create likely spots for mold growth. Vacuuming carpets helps remove mold from the environment. A regular dusting and laundry routine also keeps mold spores from settling and growing.

Leaks Lead to Mold

If water finds its way into the house, a variety of problems can ensue. Not only will drywall, paint, and wooden studs be damaged, but the right environment for mold growth is created. Mold stains walls and ceilings and also causes allergies. Repair roof and plumbing leaks as soon as possible to prevent these issues.

Areas in the Home with Excess Moisture

Bathrooms and kitchens are common spots for mildew and mold to show up because of water use. Use the fan while showering to reduce humidity. When cooking, turn on the ventilation fan to help remove moisture from the air in the kitchen.

Overwatering Plants Causes Mold in the Home

Soggy soil from overwatering causes the roots of a plant to drown and rot. In addition to damaging to the plant, this creates an ideal setting for mold in the home. If a layer of fuzzy, white mold is noticeable on the soil of your houseplants, scoop away an inch of dirt and replace this layer with fresh potting soil. Cut back on watering.

Maintenance Neglect Can Cause Mold

Leaky pipes behind toilets or beneath kitchen sinks create places for mold to thrive. Puddles of water near the washing machine, refrigerator, or water heater mean maintenance is required. Take action to stop small leaks before they cause damage and mold.

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