Spring is a great time to move houses. Temperatures are moderate, the days are getting longer, and you don’t usually have to worry about snowfall. However, moving in spring does come with its unique challenges. The following tips will come in handy when planning a springtime move.

Schedule the Move as Soon as Possible

Spring and summer are busy seasons for moving companies. The earlier you schedule a move, the more companies you have to choose from. Movers are more likely to be available when booked well in advance.

Don’t Pack the Rain Gear When Moving in Spring

No one wants rainy weather on moving day, but rain showers are common in spring. When packing for a springtime move, leave your family’s rain gear accessible, including umbrellas, rain jackets, and rubber boots. It would be inconvenient to dig through moving boxes to find gear to keep everyone warm and dry.

Allow Time for Weather Delays

Watching the weather is good advice for moving in any season, but especially for spring when an unexpected rain shower can cause delays. Schedule your move before you must be out of the home. Depending on the distance, allow an extra hour or two to drive in case the rain slows you down. Rainy weather makes it more challenging to drive a moving truck, so it’s essential to be patient with the movers.

Spring Clean While the House is Empty

One of the best things about moving in spring is pairing the move with spring cleaning. It’s easy to clean your old home when it’s empty of your family’s belongings. You might plan to stay behind for a day or two after the move to prepare the house for the new owners.

If you have the opportunity to clean your new place before moving in, take it. It’s more satisfying to move your belongings into a freshly cleaned space.

Tape Rugs and Runners Down to Protect the Flooring and the Movers

Rugs and runners help prevent movers from tracking mud and water into the house. However, they present a tripping hazard, especially when people are carrying heavy boxes and furniture. Tape the rugs and runners to the floor with blue painter’s tape to keep everyone safe. Securing the rugs keeps them from sliding, becoming tripping hazards, and causing accidents.

Take Allergy Precautions When Moving in Spring

If you suffer from allergies, remember to take your allergy medications the morning of the move. As you’ll be outdoors much of the day, you’re sure to encounter pollen. Moving with congestion and itchy eyes isn’t fun and can contribute to injury.

Moving in spring can be easy and stress-free, especially if you keep the tips above in mind. Start packing early and reach out to moving companies to schedule their services as soon as possible.

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