Are you building a new house? Designing and building your dream home from the ground up is an exciting experience. There are many decisions to be made about your new house throughout the process. Here are 4 new home features that are worth considering.

Open Floor Plan

One of the most popular modern home designs is an open floor plan. This style is appealing for many reasons. Open floor plans maximize the square footage of a space and make it feel bigger.

The lack of walls between rooms lets more light inside and encourages better flow in the space. If you have small children, it is easier to supervise them with an open floor plan. If you decide to sell the house someday, an open floor plan will grab the attention of buyers.

New Home Features Include Energy-Efficient Design

If you live in a warmer climate, design the home with windows that face north and south instead of east and west. This keeps radiant heat from the sun from making your home hot, so you’ll save on air conditioning.

To make the home more efficient, install ENERGY STAR-certified appliances and double or triple-paned windows. When you choose energy-efficient features, you’ll see lower utility bills from the very first day you move into your home.

Whole-House Air Purifier

New homes are generally more airtight than older ones, which is great for efficiency and climate control. However, it also means that airborne pollutants build up and become concentrated inside your living space.

When building your dream home, install a whole-house air purifier to improve indoor air quality, and keep your family healthy. Some units are installed into the HVAC system while others are free-standing. Talk to your builder about which option is best for your property.

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces are desirable for any homeowner. If your area has mild weather, you’ll be able to use this space often for dining, entertaining, and relaxing.

Purposefully design your outdoor living spaces based on how your family’s most likely to use it. If you enjoy cooking, consider adding an outdoor kitchen with a grill, sink, and mini-fridge. Install a TV and comfortable seating to make it an outdoor family room.

High Ceilings are Great New Home Features

High ceilings are appealing and make the home more upscale. You’ll have more space to feature taller windows that provide natural light so you can save on lighting costs.

You’ll also have an easier time reselling the home. Even if you start with an unfinished basement, ask your builder to allow for higher ceilings than the standard minimum of 7 feet. When you give the basement ceilings extra height, you’ll be able to finish it into usable space down the road.

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