Moving can be a stressful time for families. Physically moving your belongings from one home to another is sometimes the easiest part. When you relocate, businesses ask that you update them with your new address. Family members and friends also want to know where you are moving. Here is a helpful list of people to notify of your change of address.

U.S. Post Office

The first place to notify of your change of address is the post office. Countless mail items are lost each year because people do not regularly update their address. Post Office associates will need your current address to deliver mail to your new home.

Notify Your Friends and Family

Your friends and family will want to know where to find you. Make sure that they have your new address for social events, invitations, holiday cards, and in case of an emergency.

Your Job Will Want to be Notified of Your Change of Address

If your employer still mails your paycheck, it is especially important to update your mailing list. Your place of employment may also send important tax documents to your home, so be sure to notify your human resources associate of your change of address.

The Electric Company

To ensure a smooth transition from one house to another whenever you move, notify your electric company and other utilities of your change of address. Do your research beforehand and find the steps necessary to properly switch the electricity over to your new address.

Notify Cable and Phone Providers of Your Change of Address

Many people still use landlines and have cable in their homes. Transition your accounts to your new address and receive your bills in a timely fashion. Your cable and phone providers are companies to notify when you move to a new home.

Knowing Who to Notify of Your Change of Address

It is a tedious task to update your mailing lists before moving day. Spare yourself the headache of missing an important piece of mail. Use this guide as a reminder of who to notify of your new mailing address.

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