How do You Know When to Remove a Tree From Your Property?

‏If you’re wondering whether one of the trees on your property is safe, hire an arborist to do a tree risk assessment for you. Here are some signs that you need to remove a tree from your property. ‏

‏Remove a Tree From Your Property if it’s Dead.

‏When a tree is healthy and alive, it offers a lot of benefits, such as shade, water retention, and aesthetic appeal. However, a dying tree not only will stop offering these benefits, but it will lose its structural integrity and pose a hazard to your home. While the tree might not look like a danger to you or anyone in your yard, once a tree is dead, it puts your property at risk.

‏There are several signs that may suggest that your tree is dead. An arborist will be able to confirm the health of the tree. If it is dead, remove it immediately. A dead tree is weak and unpredictable. It might lose branches at any time or fall over and damage your home. Act fast and don’t let too much time pass when you need to remove a tree from your property.

‏Remove a Tree From Your Property if it Looks Like It Might Fall‏

‏If one of your trees is leaning, there’s always the risk that some of the branches or the tree might fall and cause personal injury or property damage. If the tree is leaning because of an overgrown branch, you can try pruning it. However, if pruning doesn’t work, then you should immediately consult a professional and have them remove the tree.‏

‏The Tree Has Become Too Big‏

‏Sometimes, a tree growing in a confined space will press against the windows, siding, and even the foundation of your home. To avoid this, you must never let trees grow too close to your house. A tree that touches your home should be cut down to keep your property safe. 

Not only are tree trunks and branches potential hazards, but the root system can cause damage as well. Even if a tree has been removed, the root system will keep expanding and causing problems for you. This means that after you remove a tree from your property, it’s best to eliminate the root system too.‏

‏If left uncontrolled, the roots of a tree can cause damage to the foundation of your home. This leads to serious structural integrity issues. Also, be sure to remove trees that grow near septic systems. Their roots can cause damage to the system’s line and tank. Remove any tree whose root system is threatening any component of your home.

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