While social distancing at home, it is necessary to make the most out of each shopping trip. Limiting the time you spend around other people helps slow the spread of COVID-19. Being stuck at home for days can lead to new challenges and opportunities. With a little planning, you can shop more efficiently. Here are a few useful supplies for quarantine that are good to have around the house.

Batteries are Important Supplies for Quarantine

Have a selection of fresh batteries to help keep your household running. Gather your flashlights and make a list of the batteries you need to purchase. If the power goes out, it may take longer than usual to get it turned back on.

You should change your smoke detector batteries twice a year. If you missed it this year, change them as soon as possible. Purchase extra batteries for remote controls, toys, and electronic equipment. Since you are spending more time at home, these items may get more use than they usually would. Batteries are necessary supplies for quarantine. To store them, keep them in the original packaging in a dry environment.

White Vinegar

When you are shopping for cleaning supplies, simplify by choosing a single product with many uses, like white vinegar. While staying at home, give your house a thorough spring cleaning. Make a glass cleaner by mixing a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. De-scale your coffee pot by running a cycle with vinegar. After that, run fresh water several times through the reservoir. You can also pour vinegar down your garbage disposal to clean it.

Books, Magazines, Puzzles, and Games

While hanging out at home, you will probably spend many hours surfing the internet. Engage in some non-electronic activities to refresh your brain, give your eyes a break, and bond with your family. If the weather is nice, take a book or magazine outside. Use crossword puzzles to exercise your brain. Playing board games is a fun way to spend an evening with your family.

Essentials Supplies for Quarantine Include Pet Care Items

Your shopping list for quarantine should include pet food, treats, cat litter, and clean-up baggies. Taking your dog for a walk will get you out of the house, but you may use more clean-up baggies than usual. If you are running low on flea or heartworm medication, order more.

First Aid Supplies for Quarantine

Take stock of your first aid supplies. Some basic items you may need are bandages and disinfectants for cuts and scrapes, antihistamines for allergies, and pain medication. Keep antacids, cough medicines, and any needed prescriptions on hand. Call your pharmacy or your doctor to learn how to continue your prescriptions uninterrupted during the quarantine.

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