Whether you have a deck or a patio, it’s a great spot to spend time outdoors with friends and family. A well-maintained deck or patio also adds value to the property if you decide to sell your home in the future. Read on to find out how to update your patio this summer and make it even more functional for your family.

Add Entertaining Amenities

Do you have family and friends over for backyard barbecues during the summer months? Update your patio to include the entertaining amenities that you wish you had. A weather-resistant speaker system could replace your Bluetooth speaker and provide high-quality audio as you relax. Install a bar space to store mixers, glassware, and beverages if you love enjoying drinks under the stars.

Decorate to Update Your Patio

While you might not use the patio every month of the year, it is part of your living space. To update your patio, decorate it like you would inside your house. Purchase a weather-resistant rug and other patio furniture that you can leave outdoors or store during winter. Add potted plants that introduce greenery and color. You can even install a television inside a weather-resistant cabinet to enjoy your favorite shows or sporting events outside in the open air.

Update Your Patio with New Furniture

Today’s patio furniture is not your grandma’s wicker chairs anymore. There are many options at various price points and styles to fit any space. When you update your patio, look for furniture that will meet all of your needs, whether you primarily use the outdoor space to eat meals with your family or have friends over every weekend to watch sports together. Pay close attention to material, as some materials like wood require extra care and regular maintenance to prevent permanent damage.

Use Plants to Create a Privacy Screen

If you want more privacy from neighbors when you update your patio, there are many easy ways to make your space more private. Use bamboo in planters to grow a thick, attractive, and lush barrier that adds to the atmosphere of your patio without installing a fence.

Use trees and shrubs to fill in the border around your patio to make it feel more secluded. Lattices are another excellent tool for climbing plants like ivy, star jasmine, Virginia creeper, clematis, or moonflowers. Once the plants fill in the trellis, it will feel like you’re in your own private oasis.

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